What is Memphis Calligraphy?

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Exactly that, what is Memphis Calligraphy?  What can we do for you?

  • Provide you with a list of calligraphers in Memphis and the Mid-South.
  • Refer you to more than one calligrapher that can suit your needs.
  • Personalize what you want on your wedding invitations.
  • Supply you with free how-tos.
  • Find a calligraphy-based organization in your area in the Mid-South.
  • Join an organization that not only can train you in calligraphy, no matter what your skill level, but also provide you with fellow calligraphers to help you out and possibly become lifelong friends.

What is Calligraphy?

MCG Scroll Award to Dennis Erb by John CoveyMCG Scroll Award to Dennis Erb by John Covey

According to Google dictionary the definition of calligraphy (kuh-lig-ruh-fee) is the following:




decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering. "a label written in admirable calligraphy "the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush". "you could watch professionals demonstrating lettering and calligraphy"

Origin early 17th century: from Greek kalligraphia, from kalligraphos ‘person who writes beautifully’, from kallos ‘beauty’ + graphein ‘write’.

According to another website, Calligraphy Skills:

"Calligraphy is more than ‘beautiful handwriting’ or ‘ornate lettering techniques.’  Calligraphy is the art of forming beautiful symbols by hand and arranging them well.  It's a set of skills and techniques for position and inscribing words so they show integrity, harmony, some sort of ancestry, rhythm and creative fire."

According to dictionary.com, calligraphy  is

  1. fancy penmanship, especially highly decorative handwriting, as with a great many flourishes: She appreciated the calligraphy of the 18th century.
  2. handwriting; penmanship.
  3. the art of writing beautifully: He studied calligraphy when he was a young man.
  4. a script, usually cursive, although sometimes angular, produced chiefly by brush, especially Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic writing of high aesthetic value.
  5. Fine Arts. line or a group of lines either derived from or resembling letter forms and characterized by qualities usually associated with cursive writing, especially that produced with a brush or pen

A lot of definitions!  

Ink Well and Staff by Covey CalligraphyInk Well and Staff by Covey Calligraphy

What About Memphis?

Memphis, TN, is considered to be the hub city of the Mid-South.  Memphis is the home of Beale Street and Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley.  Other well-known figures from Memphis include B.B. King, Isaac Hayes, Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Cybill Shepherd, Kathy Bates and Justin Timberlake.

There are several cities within a region of which Memphis is the central location.  Those cities include Nashville, TN; Little Rock, AR; St. Louis, MO; Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL.  Not all of the listed cities are in what is considered the Mid-South, but are part of the Southeast region of the United States.

All of the listed cities, including Memphis, have "calligraphy guilds." 

What are calligraphy guilds?  They're non-profit organizations, consisting of interested people who are beginner to advanced calligraphers, These guilds are formed to promote the study, practice and appreciation of not only calligraphy but also related arts and crafts, such as watercolors, card design, bookmaking, gilding and general drawing and artwork.

The above cities listed have guilds that network with each other In the effort to promote calligraphy by sponsoring workshops throughout the year.  These workshops offer a variety of themes and hands-on training for both beginners and advanced calligraphers.

Memphis + Calligraphy = Memphis Calligraphy

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Memphis Calligraphy can help you find vendors of calligraphic work, tools, and guilds In not only Memphis and the Mid-South but also the Southeast.

Please feel free to check out the right side of this page for not only our contact form but also voluntary sponsors of Memphis Calligraphy that will provide you with beautiful work.as well as supplies to help you along learning calligraphy.