Memphis Calligraphy Guild Handwriting Contest

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Memphis Calligraphy Guild


Sponsored by the Memphis Calligraphy Guild  CHAIRMAN: Jim Trainor

ALL entries in the handwriting contest MUST be sent to: Memphis Calligraphy Guild
c/o Jim Trainor, 1240 Fox Trace Drive, Cordova, TN 38016.

DO NOT submit handwriting contest entries to Delta Fair.

Winning entries will be displayed in West Pavilion with the Crafts, Culinary and Collectibles during the Delta Fair & Music Festival. Please use the following rules for this contest.

1.   One (1) entry per person. Entries must be received by: August 16, 2019.

2.   Age categories: 6 and under; 7 to 10; 11 to 19; 20 and over. Age is determined by your age on January 1, 2018.

3.  Write the designated quote on lined or unlined 8 ½ x 11 paper with a ballpoint or fountain pen. NO felt tip markers or calligraphy pens. Only BLACK INK will be accepted. Use the same pen throughout the quote. Ages 6 and under may use a pencil.

4.  The 6 and under category may PRINT.
 Ages 7 to 10 have the option to write using either MANUSCRIPT PRINTING (joins fewer than half its letters) or CURSIVE (joins half or more of its letters).
Ages 11 to 19 and Ages 20 and over MUST USE CURSIVE.

5.  The written quote must fit on the FRONT side of 1 sheet of paper.

6.  On the BACK of the entry, write your name, age category, address, area code and phone number, and e-mail address (if any).
     All personal information will be kept confidential and used only to notify winners. If this information is missing or illegible, entry will be disqualified.

7.  Entries will be judged on:
LEGIBILITY: how easy it is to read.
FLUENCY: smoothness, grace and flow of writing.
COMPETENCY: Layout: margins on 4 sides of writing, spacing between the letters, words and lines. Consistency of letter forms: size, slant, accuracy of the quote, neatness, spelling, and whether or not the rules were followed.

8.  No prizes will be awarded, but winning entries will be displayed at the Delta Fair & Music Festival with ribbons awarded to the winners by Delta Fair.

 Mailed entries must be received by August 16, 2019.

Mail entries to: Memphis Calligraphy Guild, c/o Jim Trainor
1240 Fox Trace Dr., Cordova, TN 38016
#1 One Alphabet Sentence (Ages 6 and Under Only)

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

 #2 Quote (Ages 7 to 10)

 “Poets don’t draw. They unravel their handwriting and then tie
 it up again, but differently.” Jean Cocteau

#3 Quote (Ages 11 to 19 and Ages 20 and older)

“I always write my first draft in longhand, in lined notebooks.
I move around the house, sitting where I like, and watch the
words spool out in front of me, actually taking a lot of pleasure
in the way they look in my strange handwriting on the page.” Sue Miller